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A Holiday Tradition

     It's finally Christmas time again. The wind is chilly and frost is in each breath, the trees are bare and our coats are puffy. The whole house is decorated with lights and garland and mistletoe. Hot chocolate sits on the table beside the fireplace. Clean up is still being done from Thanksgiving. An old Christmas tree rests in the corner of the living room. It's been shoved up beside the wall this year since one side will no longer stand straight. Plastic branches fall off when they're bent back into place, sections are missing and tangled in cobwebs from the attic... it's time for a new tradition!

     Each year, numerous families are discovering the holiday spirit that comes along with picking out your own Christmas tree. We see it in all the movies; the carols being played in the car on the way to the farm, the kids piling out of the back seat, acres of fields being dusted with snow... and there, in the distance, you see the perfect tree. You can experience all of that this year with your loved ones at Twin Bridges Tree Farm.


     Twin Bridges Tree Farm is located out Scottsville Road in Alvaton, Kentucky. It's past Olde Stone and Phil Moore Park, and less than a mile past Split Tree BBQ on the right. (For more detailed directions including a map, please click here.)

      Twin Bridges Tree Farm is family owned and operated by the Beane family. In 2010, it opened up for its first year of business. This will be the farm's fourth selling season and about the ninth year the trees have been growing. Our trees have been featured in the Boyce Community Christmas Parade, as well as in the Lt. Governor's mansion. 

     Currently, White Pine trees are available for purchase, and Scotch Pine and Norway Spruce saplings are growing to be ready to sell in the future. Each tree is priced and sold by the foot. The trees for sale are currently between 4ft.-12ft. this year.

     Each tree is cut fresh, meaning you can go out in the fields (approx. 6 acres) and choose any tree you desire. Many people have the misconception that a real tree will make a mess losing its needles and such. However, this is because at many lots that sell pre-cut trees, the trees have been cut for several months before they were purchased. Coming to a choose and cut lot, you can ensure the freshness of the tree you purchase. With proper watering, fresh cut trees should last well past the New Year.

     We provide everything you need at Twin Bridges Tree Farm: the measuring stick, the saw, and the twine to tie the tree to the roof of your car. We can even personally deliver trees to your home or business if need be. We offer the Yule Tree Stand System.  We sell regular and large size stands that can be reused year after year.  With this tree drilling system we can make any tree stand straight, even with a crooked trunk.  Tree drilling is free each year with a one-time stand purchase.

     Make Twin Bridges Tree Farm part of your family's holiday traditions. Think of the memories you can make walking through the fields of Christmas trees with the people you love most. Decorating the tree is one of the key aspects of getting ready for Christmas, and it makes it all the more special when you know that you picked out a tree that meant a lot to you this year. Something about that one tree stood out to you in the midst of all the others, and like us, no one tree is exactly the same. They all have their quirks and features that make them unique, and they will make your holiday unique picking a new one each year.

The farm opens the day after Thanksgiving. If you have any questions please feel free to call Eddie Beane at(270) 392-0454, and 'like' Twin Bridges Tree Farm on Facebook.

 -This article was featured in the November 2013 issue of SOKY Happenings.-

 Written by: Darby Beane 

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